GOM Audio

Stellar multimedia player that can read almost any format

  • Category Players
  • Program license Free
  • Version
  • Size 6.2 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by GRETECH JAPAN

When it comes to playing your audio files via your PC, there are a wide range of options from the WMP that comes with the OS, to a third-party player like GOM Audio.

An Overview of GOM Audio

Audio players are certainly a dime a dozen via the Internet in this day and age. You have default OS players, VLC, and hordes of other options. So when a new player shows up and has to compete with what's already out there, it has to stand out in ways that other players do not. This is where the GOM Audio player earns some serious innovation points. It's a free player that doesn't require a lot of power or space to download and operate, and it has a whole gang of features that make it more functional than other players you'll find. Not only in slow, speedy and other options, but also in skins, audio controls, and the vast amount of file formats that can be loaded onto the player.

One of the best parts about this program in a general sense is that it's freeware, so you're not going to have to spend money on an additional player just to play files your other players won't. And that's the primary reason that anyone is going to install this particular player: The codecs involved. A codec is the bit of code that a media player will use to decode and stream an audio file. Since a lot of audio files come in a variety of file types, you'll always run into media files that your primary OS's player won't play. With this particular third-party player, there aren't any media file types (at least not as of 2017) that it won't play.

Features of GOM Audio

Upon downloading GOM Audio, one of the first things you're going to notice is that this player was designed to be completely intuitive. In fact, once you load it up and try to add a song to the player or a playlist option, the software itself is going to walk you through exactly what to do, so there is no learning curve to mess with here. You will be guided and directed and will easily be able to add and play music, create playlists, and even tinker around with your songs in cool and unique ways to adjust levels and speed, etc. One of the easiest features per user reviews here is creating playlists. Sure, every player allows for playlist creation, but with GOM it's easy and intuitive and you can create quick playlists for your favorite genre without having to constantly tag everything.

Another cool feature is that GOM won't require you to add additional codecs to your player. Sometimes you may want to download audio tracks from YouTube, or other places where the encoding may not play as a default on some players. You won't run into any such compatibility issues with this particular software program. Lastly, there are a ton of different keyboard shortcuts you can learn for this program, so you can easily tinker and toy with your player without having to drag your mouse around. You can simply use your keyboard to handle everything.

Pros and Cons of GOM Audio


  • Free to download
  • Tons of codecs
  • Intuitive options
  • Keyboard shortcuts


  • Can be resource heavy
  • Not a ton of custom skins
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